Tattoo Design Series: The Dragon Tattoo

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The meaning and history behind a powerful symbol

Custom dragon tattoos

Full sleeve dragon tattoo by Chris Yaws

Dragon tattoos are among the most powerful and popular tattoo designs, representing a huge range of qualities and emotions. The most common symbolism of a dragon is strength, courage, and fortitude. They are also messengers of balance and magic, as dragons are the embodiment of primordial power.

A dragon tattoo represents a powerful guardian and guide. Its designs may have many forms:  celtic, tribal or asian dragon tattoos. Dragons also have the added advantage of being so fluid that they can adapt to the contours of any part of the body: you can go for a full body dragon tattoo, or choose to make it coil in an intricate full or half sleeve. A dragon in flight with its wings spread makes an excellent lower back tattoo.

Asian style tattoo

Dragon tattoo on ribs by Ben Gun

Dragon Tattoo Meaning for Women

A dragon tattoo on a woman usually acknowledges her as the creator, since women have the power of creating life. Dragons also represent a flowing, fluid grace that conceals a reserve of power just beneath the surface. Studies have shown that women who get dragon tattoos become more self-confident and assertive.

Dragon Tattoo Meaning for Men

A dragon tattoo on a man typically signifies raw power. Like dragons, men are the guardians of that which is sacred, such as women and objects of great wealth. Men who get dragon tattoos view themselves as being admired for their wisdom but feared for their tremendous power.

Custom dragon tattoos

Japanesse Dragon Tattoo half sleeve by Ben Parker

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Custom dragon tattoos

Dragon tattoo start by Ben Gun