Popular Piercing Types: The Lip Piercing

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A very popular choice of oral piercing

Lip piercing

Philtrum lip piercing by Luke H

Lip piercings have become very popular and the standard ones are very simple, consisting of a single piercing just anywhere outside the perimeter of the upper or lower lip and decorated with either a captive bead ring, circular barbell, or a labret stud.

Some other common variations of the standard lip piercings are:

  • Snake Bites: these are done on the bottom of the lower lip with one piercing on either side, resembling fangs.
  • Shark Bites: they are similar to the snake bites but these involve four piercings distributed in pairs on either side the lower lip.
  • Spider Bites: involve two piercings either on the left or right hand side of the lip. Think of just half a Shark Bite piercing, sort to speak.
  • Dolphin Bites: are two piercings on the center of the lower lip.
  • Canine Bites: are done with four different piercings, one on each side of the upper and bottom lip.
  • Cyber Bites: these are a combination of the medusa or philtrum piercing and the labret piercing, where the top center of the upper lip and the bottom center of the lower lip are pierced.
  • Angel Bites: both sides of the upper lip are pierced, just like the snake bites but on the opposite location.
  • Dahlia Piercing: this is done on both sides of the corners of the mouth.
I.S. opal titanium threaded flowers - outer lip piercings by Luke H

I.S. opal titanium threaded flowers – outer lip piercings by Luke H

Important lip piercing care facts

With just a few exceptions, most lip piercings are both external and oral piercings, which means that you’ll have to take care of them in two different ways. It is extremely important that you follow the aftercare instructions given by our professional piercers, for it to have a proper healing process. You can also find these care directions in the Piercing section of our website.

Also, since a portion of the jewelry is inside your mouth, whether it be the back side of a ring or the flat disc of a labret stud, there is always the chance of some teeth and/or gum damage. You can pretty much avoid damage by keeping yourself from toying with the inside part of the jewelry. So, pay close attention to your dental care and if you feel any discomfort, contact our piercers right away!

Lip piercing

Monroe lip piercing by Randy M

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Lip piercing

Vertical labret with titanium barbell – by Randy M