The Meaning of the Owl Tattoos

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The Owl is usually recognized as a symbol of wisdom

Owls are nocturnal hunting birds. They are terrifyingly quiet and stealthy, thanks to the unique serrated edges on their wings which minimize drag and noise during flight. Owls also have sharp beaks and talons, which can strongly grasp and kill their prey before consuming it whole. This makes the owl a wise, powerful and captivating bird.

Brian Blalock Owl Tattoo

Owl Tattoo in progress by Brian Blalock

Native Americans believe the owl offers protection against evil spirits. It is also symbolic of intelligence, wisdom and mystery. Anyone in the field of education would make the perfect choice by getting an owl tattooed. Owls are often associated with magic as well, adding design elements to the tattoo such as the moon, branches and even stars.


These are the most common attributes represented by an owl tattoo

  • Wisdom and Intelligence
  • Cunning
  • Foresight and Prophecy
  • Protection
  • Transformation
  • Freedom
  • Adaptability
  • Silence and Stealth

There are many design variations for an owl tattoo. Looking at nature books and images can help you narrow down which type of owl you want; then meet with your tattoo artist at Mantra Tattoo to discuss and finish up your custom design.

Brian Blalock Owl tattoo

Brian Blalock Owl tattoo

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Chris Yaws Owl tattoo

Chris Yaws Owl tattoo

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