Real Stone Gems with Industrial Strength Body Jewelry!

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The highest quality body jewelry in Denver with the highest quality gemstones

Industrial Strength’s line of Implant Grade Stainless Steel and Titanium Body Jewelry is known around the world for its superior quality and value. But that’s not all, I.S. quality is beautifully enhanced by their partnership with Swarovski Gemstones, ensuring that you get the finest body jewelry with the highest quality gemstones available.

Gemstone jewelry

A brief Industrial Strength history

The company was established in 1991 by JD Lorenz, when he started the operation single handedly in his home. JD started as a body piercer in the early 1990′s, but he soon realized that there was a need for a special type of jewelry and that it was up to him to create it. Through perseverance and hard-work, Lorenz has grown his small one-room machine shop into the largest manufacturer of fine quality body jewelry in the world, making all their jewelry in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Carlsbad, CA, USA.

gemstone jewelry

Swarovski Genuine Gemstones

Swarovski offers a unique, balanced selection of genuine gemstones and created stones made from the purest raw materials. Each genuine gemstone and created stone is crafted to satisfy the strictest standards for color, quality, size, and shape; resulting in consistency and quality unlike any other brand on the market and an unsurpassed creative vitality.

Each gemstone is cut with optimized proportions for maximum brilliance and fire. Calibrated heights and diameters as well as uniform girdles allow easy and fast stone setting with minimized breakage. Standardized sorting processes guarantee constant color and clarity, no matter how large an order.

Find the most beautiful and highest quality Industrial Strength jewelry at Mantra Tattoo & Body Piercing in Denver!

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Come visit us to get your custom tattoo designed by one of our experienced tattoo artists. Or pick up a niece piece of body jewelry and get pierced by one of our professional body piercers.

We use only medical grade sterilization and always new needles on every tattoo and piercing. Our shop is fully inspected and regulated by the Jefferson County Health Department.

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