Fresh Ink at Mantra Tattoo

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Getting ink nowadays is something that we see almost every day, our society is constantly evolving and modifying old prejudices and preconceptions, and tattoos are not the exception to this evolution.

Getting ink done today is easier than before and there are plenty of options and tattoo artists to choose from.

Getting the tattoo done is the first decision. Then you figure out the design you wish to adorn your body with and the final step but not least important is to find the right tattoo artist for you. An artist with trajectory will be the ideal, but not only that since at the same time there has to be a connection with the artist. Since this process can be very close and personal for some, the right artist is needed.

Best custom tattoos in Denver

Custom tattooing at Mantra Tattoo

Mantra Tatttoo Studio has a variety of top quality tattoo artists all with a specialty in a different tattoo styles to make real any request or idea brought by our customers. Each artist is recognized by their trajectory but also each has a great personality that makes people come back to the best tattoo studio in Denver. Japanese, neo traditional, Americana or your own design, Mantra is the place to go get that first ink experience!

Mantra Tattoo Studio is open all week, starting at 11 am. You are also welcomed to stop by the best tattoo and piercing studio in Denver and check it out!

Don’t waste you time shopping around; the choice is clear!

At Mantra Tattoo you will find everything you need to get the tattoo you always wanted. Whether you’re looking to get a giant back piece or something small and special behind your ear, our artists are thrilled to help you get the tattoo you want. Opened seven days a week, Mantra is your Denver connection for tattoos, piercings, clothing and even custom tattoo machines.