Timothy Kidd Moth Torso Tattoo in Time Lapse Part 1

 In Video

Take a look at Part 1 of an awesome Moth underboob tattoo design done by Timothy Kidd here at Mantra tattoo in Lakewood, Colorado. This session took almost 2 hours and we compiled it all into a time lapse video. Kidd enjoys doing American Traditional style tattoos with hard black lines and a lot of color. There is a lot that goes into the entire process of a tattoo, check out the video to see it all in just a few short minutes! Visit our website to see Kidd’s portfolio under the Artists page for more awesome work!

Moths are attracted to light, which is often associated with truth or spiritual awareness. For some people, a moth tattoo could symbolize similar aspirations. Light is also a symbol for the presence of God, so a moth tattoo might be a display of faith. Moths are adept navigators at night. A tattoo of a moth could symbolize that the wearer is determined to find their way in life, even when passing through dark times.

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