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The man for old-school tattoos

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Black & Grey Front Panel by Geno Somma

Geno Somma is a very well-rounded professional tattooer who enjoys different styles of tattoos. A few he likes doing include American Traditional (featuring bold black outlines and a limited color palette) and Neo-Traditional (featuring a darker color palette and elements of nature, and put together with surrealist flair). But it won’t stop there, he is also a master of black and gray and great at vibrant, bright color pieces. Some of his great pieces include:

Elephant Crown Tattoo: A tattoo done in two sittings of about 2 hours each. An exceptional elephant tattoo design wearing a crown with some flowers around representing the universal symbol of strength, loyalty, divinity and good luck.

Black Widow Rose Hand Tattoo: This tattoo was also finished in one sitting of 2 hours. A black widow tattoo design perfectly accomplished with a touch of roses. Sexual Power, Cunning, Intellect, and, Independence combined with subtle feminine imagery (the roses).

Mandala Tattoo: An astonishing Mandala made in black ink on a girls’ back. Brilliant job!

Sparrow Tattoo: A nice and quick sparrow tattoo carefully designed on the arm of a man. Perfectly representing freedom valued over everything else, bound by no rules, and master of man’s own destiny.

Check his portfolio and artist profile for more awesome work!

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He is the man for old-school tattoos and much more!


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Mandala by Geno Somma tattoo artist Denver

Mandala Tattoo by Geno Somma

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