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When looking to get a change in your body and look, a piercing can be an excellent option. Humans have been getting pierced for over 4,000 years, in ancient civilizations and cultures. It has existed for many reasons, but it has been present in our society to make a statement, for personal decoration or as symbol of beauty. Getting pierced can have its advantages when comparing it to getting a tattoo, and if you’re a first timer in a tattoo shop. Remember it all comes down to the place you choose and to every person’s body reaction. Today, we give you more details on what is getting a piercing and advantages of getting pierced.

Lower conch with a teardrop captive ring by Lil Chris

Why get pierced?

Regarding pain

As most people would agree, the pain of getting pierced can be very sharp and make you cry in a second, but it only lasts for some short time. A piercing is an open wound that is performed with a special sanitized needle. The procedure is done so that the person experiences the less amount of pain, as some areas can be more sensitive. The jewelry selected will stay in place and act as the barrier between the skin and the open wound.

The body’s reaction to a piercing is the same as when getting a tattoo. A wound is made and an intruding object, metal or ink, are now present in the body. Your blood vessels dilate, there is blood and redness in the area because the inflammation process has started. The area can swell and turn tender. White blood cells go and attack the intruder, but, later on, realize it’s bigger than them and then usually just let it be.

Where to get pierced?

The location of the piercing does greatly affect the level of pain you will experience, though. Where you want to get pierced is really personal and really comes down to each person’s choice. Still, areas like the nipples and genitals are extremely sensitive, compared to an ear lobe’s or nose cartilage. So your research before getting pierced!

body piercing

Lil Chris piercings – Conch removals

Come get pierced by professionals at Mantra Tattoo

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