Beautiful Lower Breast Tattoos for Women at Mantra Tattoo

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If you’re interested in this style of tattoo, Mantra Tattoo can help you create a beautiful lower breast tattoo design that you’ll want to show off all summer long. This type of tattoo can incorporate many different styles such as lace, mandala, flower designs, and stipling. Tattoos like this fit perfectly in this area of your body reaching up your sternum and contouring beneath your breasts. Giving you a lot of options for a tattoo thats unique to you! FullSizeRender (30)


Under Breast Tattoo Designs

Here at Mantra Tattoo all of our work is done 100% custom. We have industry professionals with the experience to put together exactly what you are looking for in the tattoo that will be on your body for the rest of your life! A lot of these tattoos are done with different styles such as lace, mandala designs, stipling and dot work, flower and oernate frame designs, symmetrical shapes, geometric, and can even incorporate jewels and other elements like animals or other subject matter. These designs can be very abstract and are all hand drawn by your artist. You can be sure that your tattoo will be one of a kind. The placement of an under breast tattoo is one of the best aspects of getting one of these kinds of tattoos. Your artist will shape your tattoo to go with the shapes of your body to naturally accent your tattoo design. If you’re looking to add some artwork and show off that summer body stop into the shop and get your tattoo appointment setup today! FullSizeRender (29)

Mandala Tattoo Meaning

The mandala, while in design is dominated by squares or triangles, has a concentric structure and actually translates to “circle” in Sanskrit.  These symbols offer visual elements that balance and represent harmony and unity. The mandala is extremely versatile and can carry a number of meanings that are limited only by the creator and the observer. The overall goal of a mandala is to be a tool on one’s spiritual journey. The mandala’s design is meant to be not only appealing visually, but to absorb the mind in a way that silences chattering thoughts and allows the observer to gain a higher level of awareness. Mandalas are designed from the center outwards, which tends to give them a floral appearance. Because flowers are typically circular in nature, circles and flowers can be combined to create a tattoo that is symbolic of femininity, eternity and balance. The best decision when designing a mandala tattoo is to choose colors, symbols and shapes that have a special meaning to you. Many choose to incorporate their favorite colors, religious or spiritual symbols or animals, their age or other items of significance to their lives.


We accommodate walk-ins. If you are interested in getting your next tattoo just stop by the shop for a consultation. Call with any questions or to setup an appointment. Be sure to check our shop instagrams to see their portfolios! @Mantratattoo

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