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Theres a reason why throughout the years of tattoos roses have remained one of the most sought after tattoo around. Roses are very unique, in real life and in art. Every rose tattoo that is created and drawn up or a client will be unique to them and different from every other rose tattoo out there. There are so many different styles, colors, and designs that can be incorporated into a rose tattoo. Here at Mantra Tattoo we have artists with the experience to translate what you are picturing in your head into the perfect rose tattoo for you. With over 11 artists at our shop theres no doubt that we can find the right artist for the style of rose tattoo that you are looking for. Come by the shop today and speak to an artist and start your design! FullSizeRender (32)

History of Rose Tattoo Designs

The rose tattoo is one of the most classic tattoos in the game. It is the definition of an old school tattoo design. Rose tattoos can be seen in some of the first American Traditional tattoo artwork as early as the 1930’s.  Some of the earliest examples of rose tattoos were used in the 16th century where rose tattoos were drawn on the body of prisoners who were sentenced to death. Rose tattoos were popular sailor designs, with men and women. It has been one of the few designs that have lasted the test of time over 100 plus years of tattooing. It was made popular by some of the earlier pioneers of American tattooing such as Cap Coleman, Percy Waters, and Norman Keith Collins aka Sailor Jerry. FullSizeRender (33)

Rose Tattoo Meaning

Roses come in a variety of colors and designs, different color roses may hold different meanings. Yellow stands for happiness, white symbolizes purity and youth, red represents a true, passionate love and can also stand for sacrifice, pink signifies gentleness and elegance, blue means fantasy or the impossible, black stands for death and darkness, orange exudes excitement and a zest for life, peach is friendship and purple represents enchantment or love at first sight. Whether it be one of the options outlined above or something totally different the most important choice when selecting a rose tattoo is what it means to you. Each rose tattoo will be designed 100% custom and designed to fit the image of what you are looking for. Rose tattoos are great as a stand alone piece or to accompany any other tattoo design such as skulls, birds, other flowers, or any other tattoo design.  FullSizeRender (35)


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