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Consider Getting Bite Lip Piercings

There are seven different types of bite lip piercings. These sets of piercings take their names from the impression they produce: a resemblance of an animal’s “bite.” For example, shark bite piercings involve placing two piercings on both ends of the bottom lip.

types of bite lip piercings in Denver

All bite lip piercing consists of two to four standard lip piercings. Labret, Medusa or Monroe piercings are combined to make it, and jewelry does not physically attach the different piercings that compose it. Instead, they create a visual effect of having a pair of piercings.

Styles with Two-Piercings

Angel Bites

This type of piercing resembles snake bites, but on the upper lip.

Cyber Bites

These consist of two piercings. One goes in the middle of the upper lip and the other one on the lower lip.

Dahlia or Joker Bites

A pair of piercings that go at both corners of the mouth.

Dolphin Bites

It consists of two piercings placed at the center of the lower lip or just below it, similar to a Snake Bite piercing, but positioned closer together.

Spider Bites or Viper Bites

This piercing pair is located close together on the bottom lip.

Styles with Four-Piercings

Canine Bites

This one is made up of a pair of angel bites and snake bites. Both sides of both the upper and lower lip are pierced.

Shark Bites

This piercing is made of a pair of Spider Bites (four holes in total). It consists of two close piercings done on both sides of the lower lip.

Stay tuned to learn about the healing times, aftercare, costs, or just for inspirational examples of our piercing jewelry.

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