How to Bring Life to an Old Tattoo?

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Tips to Update an Old Tattoo

It is inevitable, with time your tattoo will fade and look less appealing than the first wonderful years. Worry, not! This is normal, as sun exposure and other elements will affect the appearance of your tattoo. So, if you have decided that it is time to make your tattoo look vivid again, here are some tips from Mantra Tattoo professional artists.

Update an Old Tattoo


Add Color

One of the best ways to update the look and even the style of your tattoo design is by adding colors. Work with your artist to determine which colors will freshen up your tattoo.

Add Detail

One of the secrets of an amazing tattoo lays in the details. Things such as shades, perfect lines, and color combinations are what makes your design unique. An experienced artist can re-outline the tattoo with solid, crisp black lines. Plus, adding details gives room for the artist to include some further detail in small and complex areas that have lost their clarity.

Add Text

Incorporate a quote from your favorite philosopher or artist, verses or even the name of someone you love, to your existing tattoo will help not only to update your design but give it even more meaning. Text can easily be added to a tattoo without altering the original design. Plus, a good artist will make both elements blend perfectly to create a real impact.

Make it Larger

If you really want to take your tattoo to the next level, consider turning it into a sleeve, back job, stocking or body suit.

Find the Best Tattoo Artist to Enhance Your Tattoo Design

If you are going to take the time to update your old tattoo and enhance its design, it is critical you also find the best tattoo artists in Colorado.

Mantra Tattoo experienced tattoo artists will make blurred lines bold again, bring back shading that has all but disappeared, and restore the vibrancy your tattoo once had. Book an appointment here.