Types of body piercings: which one is right for you?

The art of piercing

Body piercing is not an invention of the 20th century, it can be traced back to the Bible and various tribes and cultures around the world. Ear piercing has been the oldest and most enjoyed type of puncturing, and in Persia, archaeological evidence shows that both men and women had their ears pierced at an early age.


Today, body piercing has become more than a tradition, an art and a fashion trend. Making holes to the body for wearing jewelry has been one of the most common reasons for body piercing. With so many possibilities for all parts of the body, there are different types of body piercings.

Dermal piercings
Dermal piercing on the face

How to decide which piercing to get?

Almost any part of the body can be pierced, but it is always important to consider your individual anatomy and style before getting a piercing. You can choose not only the place on your body where you want it, but also the type of jewelry that goes with it and consider giving your body the best chance of healing your piercing.

Also, in order to make a better decision you should keep in mind your lifestyle and if it will be practical in your daily routine. Think about work dress codes, as many work places do not allow facial piercings and if you work in a dangerous environment, certain body piercings can be a health risk. If you normally use a helmet or headphones they can make it difficult to heal upper ear piercings.

And remember, if in doubt, it is always better and safer to consult a professional and definitely, get it done by a pro like the ones we have at Mantra Tattoo and Body Piercing!

body piercing
Lil’ Chris piercings – Septum

Common types of body piercings

To make things simple, we can say that there are 4 main types of piercings: ear, facial, oral and body. When deciding which piercing you should get, start by asking yourself which of these 3 locations would be best for you.

Ear piercings: these are the most common and there are many different types of ear piercings to choose from. Most of them heal relatively quickly and don’t put a lot of stress on the immune system, however, it is still very important to take good care of them, especially if done on the cartilage because if infected, it can end up in permanent damage.

Facial piercings: these are very popular and there are many different types. Most of them heal fast due to the blood flow to the face. They can, however, leave scars if not properly cared for. Facial piercings are among the most visible piercings that you can get and they will be immediately noticeable.

Oral piercings: these are piercings placed in the mouth, the most popular being the tongue piercing. Lip piercings are sometimes referred to as oral piercings, but can also be considered a separate area. Most oral piercings heal very quickly thanks to the large blood supply on the mouth.

Body piercings: these include the ones placed on the surface of the body and genital area, not counting any of the mentioned above. A very popular type of body piercing is the belly button. Generally speaking, body piercings require a little more care than ear or facial piercings, but with proper care the heal very well.

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