Types of Ear Piercings available at Mantra Tattoo

Of all the different types of body piercings that exist today, ear piercing is probably the most accepted in society and the most popular. Also, ear jewelry is allowed in most workplaces and schools, and if not, the hair can be worn down to cover it.

Anatomy of the ear


You may wonder…how many places can an ear be pierced on? After all, it seems there’s not much space in our ears, but you’ll be surprised!

Lobe piercingLobe Piercing

This is of course, the most popular area to pierce ears and the most popular form of ear piercing in the world. Since it is the softest and the largest part of the ear, it is one of the best places to get ears pierced without problems, and it is less painful because there is no cartilage. Lobe piercing gives you a wide range of earring options, varying on different sizes, lengths, designs and colors. Wearing more than one piece of jewelry on your ear lobe is also a fashion trend, as there is a larger space to accommodate all of them.


Helix piercing

Helix piercingHelix piercing has been the most enjoyed type of ear piercing in the Western world. The Helix is the upper ear part towards the rim. Due to the soft cartilage in the helix it takes a bit more time to heal and if it gets infected, the opening might be lost until healed. Two ball earrings, studs, gem closed rings and metal rings usually with a good pattern are the most common jewelry used.


Daith piercing

Daith Piercing

Daith means wisdom in Hebrew.  It is done by piercing the ear’s innermost cartilage fold, also called as the crus of the helix. For this piercing, a thin wired jewelry is recommended to prevent damage to the other parts of the ear.



Conch piercing

Conch piercingThis one is done at the center of the ear with a large gauge ear piercing needle. It has been one of the most popular types of ear piercings in the 21st century. There are two different types: the inner and outer conch piercings. They provide a fashionable side view of any person, especially women. It gives a stylish as well as a sporty look with barbell or small gem earrings. Healing also is faster and could take around 2-10 weeks.




Industrial piercing

Pink 18g industrial piercingThis one is done by making two holes in the upper part of the cartilaginous ear. Usually one hole is made on the ridge of your ear and the other one at the bottom where cartilage and lobe meet, thus giving the appearance of a rod or chain running across the length of the ear. Common used jewelry can be a curved barbell, a rod or a small hoop. It is very popular among teenagers and infections are not common.




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