A look into tattoo artist Steve Martin

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Long way from home

One of the best tattoo artists here at Mantra Tattoo is Steve Martin. He actually reached out to Ben to be part of the crew, a crew that in his words “are some down ass folks and talent to boot“. Steve has always been linked to art since a very young age, for as long as he can remember. Back in Philadelphia where his home is, he got his first tattoo at the age of 16 made by a friend. By the end of his Graphic Design master degree he received the invitation to be a tattoo apprentice in Atlanta.

Steve Martin will be Tattooing With us from March18th – 30th


Inspiration and Pride

Doors started opening for him from that point forward, giving him the chance to combine his love for traveling and the outdoors. This has also given him the chance to expand his knowledge on different techniques and styles. Martin loves challenges, his favorite style is Neo-Traditional Americana seconded by black and grey realism, custom lettering, Japanese, and dotwork. SM4

The coolest tattoo Steve has ever done is the one he made for his friend and mentor Oscar (RIP). This because it represents brotherhood and giving back to the ones that had previously given to me was such an exciting moment. The most difficult one was a highly rendered color version of Jesus Christ and the Devil arm wrestling, with a detailed Photoshop background.

Anything you have in mind for your next tattoo, Martin is they guy for you. He is up to the challenge and his advice  is “think hard, find a great artist and eat first!” 

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