Tattoo Styles 101

A guide to some tattoo styles

There are thousands of styles of tattoos around now, with talented artists creating their own every day. Today we have brought you six styles of tattoo art.

Styles of tattoo art

New School

Mostly influenced by some features of old school tattooing in the United States. It is often charGeometricalacterized by the use of heavy outlines, vivid colors, and exaggerated depictions of the subject. The new school also represents a transition towards openness in the sharing of techniques in tattooing.


A technique that uses lots of tiny dots in areas where you might typically shade or color. Even though the designs are geometric shapes, dot work can be used for almost anything (animals, flowers, etc.).


To achieve a perfect design, an immense technical skill, and a steady hand is required. Designs are delicate and intricate, and may incorporate some form of symmetry. They might be simple shapes or much larger body pieces that use different shapes and lines. May use color, create a 3D effect or incorporate dot work.

Lettering & Graffiti

LetteringLettering like Gothic, intricate, delicate fonts are commonly used with tattoo designs, but there’s no limit to which font you can choose.

Graffiti is another form of lettering, replicating graffiti art on the skin.


This style uses photographs to replicate something in the real world down to every single detail. Images include animals, portraits, flowers, nature, pets.

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