I want a tattoo: how bad will it hurt?

Getting a tattoo is a decision that will literally leave you marked for life. Tattoos are art pieces that enclose a meaning for the person that wears it. Knowing that you can get something very personal and meaningful is something that excites people and makes them want to get a tattoo. But the question always arises: how bad will it hurt? Because it will hurt. Tattoos are done with needles that penetrate our skin and leave an ink print on it. Here is some information on tattoos and pain.

Mandala by Geno Somma tattoo artist Denver
Mandala Tattoo by Geno Somma

Will it hurt?

First of all, we need to remember that every person is different. We all experience things differently; and, what really hurts to some, it might just tickle to others. People’s pain threshold vary according to gender, genetics, hormonal state, emotional state and much more. It really all depends on you. But, as general rule of thumb, yes, it will hurt. At the very least, it will tingle.

What are the areas that hurt the most?

Now that you know that is hard to establish a general line for pain, there are some areas in the body that might be more sensitive than others. Areas of your body that are fleshier, like your thighs, will be less painful and sensitive. Regardless of personal factors, here’s a general guideline for body areas and how painful a tattoo can be.

Not so painful

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Outter arm
Upper back
Outer and top area of thighs

Medium levels of pain (some people experience no pain or a lot)

Inner arm
Inner thigh
Lower back

Very painful areas

Jen tattooing Cherry blossom
Jen tattooing a Cherry Blossom

Top of the foot
Joints (kneecap or elbow)
Any very sensitive area like lips and nipples

You will also hear that is very much depends on the artist’s hand. Our professional artists know how to work with tattooing machines and make your experience as comfortable as possible. Step into the shop to speak with one of our artists, to check out our portfolios and get any other questions answered! The shop is open every day, and we welcome walk-ins!

We use only medical grade sterilization and always new needles on every tattoo and piercing. Our shop is fully inspected and regulated by the Jefferson County Health Department. Age requirements: 18 and up on your own with photo ID; 16 – 17 with a legal guardian and both individuals required to have photo ID with matching last names.

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