Want a Dermal Piercing in Denver?

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The Piercing that Sits Beneath the Skin

A dermal piercing is a type of body piercing placed on flat surfaces of the body. It is composed of two elements; a base that sits under the surface of the skin and the stem that sits perpendicular, and flush, to your body. Once the piercing is healed, you can add various attachments by screwing off the top and replacing it with beautiful jewelry.

What You Can Do with Dermal Piercings.

One of the coolest things about dermal piercings is that they can be placed almost anywhere in the body. This type of piercings allows for a greater scope of body decoration. These are a few examples of things you can do with microdermal implants:best tattoo & body piercing shop in Denver

  • Outline the curve of your hip.
  • Accent your tattoos with a few sparkly dermal tops.
  • Create unique patterns with multiple dermal piercings.
  • Get a microdermal piercing and a teardrop dermal top inserted below the corner of your eye.
  • Create a necklace around the base of your neck by having an arc of single-point piercings inserted.

Aftercare of a Dermal Piercing

Keep in mind that this type of piercing is very prone to migration and rejection, and it is also easy to catch a dermal piercing on your clothes or towels and dislodge it. That is why it’s vital to practice good dermal piercing aftercare. To make sure you protect your piercing the best you can, here are a few tips:

  • Only touch it with washed hands.
  • Keep it (and yourself) clean, use products like antibacterial soap.
  • Wear loose, breathable fabric clothing like cotton.
  • Cover your dermal piercings with a breathable bandage before practicing any sport.
  • Pay extra attention when putting clothes on or taking them off so that it doesn’t get irritated.

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