Popular Piercing Types: The Nostril Piercing

A popular body adornment inspired by an Indian Goddess

Nostril piercing
Double nostril piercing using two titanium threadless studs by Luke H

Nose –or nostril- piercings have been around for thousands of years, particularly in India, but they have also become very popular in the western world in the last decades, and are the most common choice after the ear piercings.

They are pierced through the thinnest part of the nose, just above the curve of the nostril. The piece of cartilage that divides each nostril which is called the septum, can also be pierced. Both men and women can have their nostrils pierced, but they are much more common on women.

nose piercing
2.5mm lavender opal on nostril by Randy M

Common types of jewelry used on nostril piercings and proper care

Nose studs, ball closure rings and labret studs are very common. The nose studs can be curved or straight, and the curved ones are also called nose screws because they are twisted into place.

Nose piercings are cool and fashionable, but they also require responsible care in order to heal correctly and look good. This piercing should be cleaned at least twice daily with saline solution. Make sure to clean the inside of the nostril as well, as mucus produced by the nose could seal dirt into the piercing site. Avoid swimming and submersion in water until it is healed.

nostril piercing
Healed septum & nostril by Luke H – Septum jewelry anodized in house to gold

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nose piercing
Nostril with 2.5mm threadless cz by Randy M

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