Ben Gun Prom Fox Tattoo Part 1 in Time-Lapse

Check out part 1 of this awesome Prom Fox piece done by Ben Gun here at Mantra tattoo in Lakewood, Colorado. Ben Gun enjoys doing large, intricate pieces with a lot of detail and color, and with all his experience in the tattoo industry he is capable of doing any style. The first session of this tattoo lasted about 2 hours and we compiled it all into a time-lapse video where it speeds up the course of the video so you can watch everything that goes into the entire process of a tattoo, in just a few short minutes! Check his portfolio out under his artist profile on our website for more of his work!

So, typically foxes don’t go to prom, but this fox does. This was a unique idea by one of Ben’s clients to do a Fox with a prom queen crown. This piece is huge and takes up her whole thigh! Stay tuned for part 2 and 3 of this series to see all the shading and color to finish this piece up! Don’t be sad if you went to prom without a date, this fox did too and she was named prom queen!

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