Ben Gun – Cobra Skull Tattoo – Time Lapse Part 1

 In Video

Take a look at this awesome Cobra Skull Tattoo in Time Lapse done by Ben Gun at Mantra Tattoo, in Lakewood CO. Ben Gun is enjoys doing large, intricate pieces with a lot of detail and color, and with all his experience in the tattoo industry he is capable of doing any style. This session of this tattoo lasted about 2 hours and we compiled it all into a time-lapse video where it speeds up the course of the video so you can watch everything that goes into the entire process of a tattoo, in just a few short minutes! In this video you’ll be able to catch a lot of the process of the entire tattoo session from start to finish.

In the family of snakes, the Cobra is undoubtedly the most dangerous and most deadly. It first symbolizes grace and speed. The important place of a cobra has been observed in various cultures for thousands of years. The cobra tattoo is rather common. Although a tattoo has a unique symbolic to each client, the positive symbolic meaning of the cobra makes it a strong and coveted tattoo. It may represent protection, intuitiveness, wisdom, strength, unprefictability, and even evil.

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