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Victor Paredes is a professional tattoo artist here at Mantra. Vic's focus is on all styles of tattoos from color anime to black and grey horror. Victor has been tattooing for over 10 years. If you are interested in getting a custom tattoo or consult scheduled with Victor , please reach out to him via email provided below.

To book an appointment call the shop @ 303.239.8282
or click the booking link above



Corey Taylor portrait I got to make today grateful to be back at work, I missed tattooing! #mtssvic ...

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Finished up this cyberpunk half sleeve. Mostly healed. More to come on the inner arm.
To book a tattoo appointment with me 📧
[email protected]

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Urokodaki mask from the other day. Thanks Zach ! To book an apt or set up a consultation 📧
[email protected] #mtssvic

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Best Bud from today🍃 #pokémon ...

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GRIMMJOW black&grey Manga style More manga/anime please!
To book 📧
[email protected]

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Namakubi 🍜 ...

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Ken kaneki from the other day. half is healed. Wraps a bit. To book 📧 me @
[email protected] #tokyoghoultattoo

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Yoru War Devil ...

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Chibi Mob
From my Flash
-Booking through August-
Click the link in my bio

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