Dermal Piercings; history and maintenance

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Dermal piercings were born around the early 2000´s, evolving from the micro-piercings; in reference to a trans-dermal implant (body modification used both in a medical and aesthetic context). The dermal piercing has won popularity since its body rejection is very low compared with the surface piercings, it can be placed anywhere in the body, even the flat areas where the piercing can’t go.

dermal piercings

Dermal piercings on the chest

However dermal is a more difficult piercing than the regular ones, since expertise is needed to make the pouch in the skin, where the dermal goes. Here at Mantra Tattoo Studio we have all the necessary expertise for you can come down and get yours without any worries! Dermal piercings are a great way to compliment your tattoos, as you can use them to enhance details of your work or to add some sparkle to your ink. It’s also a way to wear permanent jewelry.

You can get a lower back, neck, eye, ear, wrist, face, chest or finger dermal, depending on what you are looking for. Just make sure where you want it, since this is a permanent piercing that can only be removed with the assistance of a medical professional.

Once you got your dermal, it requires extra care; it will have to be covered from a few days up to a few weeks depending on the healing process. Usually takes from one month to three months to be fully healed. During this time is really important to protect the piercing from being pulled, moved around or accidentally removed. Once its completely healed you are ready to show the world your new “under the skin” acquisition.

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gemstone jewelry

Some dermal anchor jewelry by Industrial Strength