Ben Gun Kitsune Sleeve Part 2 in Time-Lapse

Check out part 2 of this Kistune sleeve done by Ben Gun here at Mantra tattoo in Lakewood, Colorado. Ben Gun is enjoys doing large, intricate pieces with a lot of detail and color, and with all his experience in the tattoo industry he is capable of doing any style. He was the featured artist in this months issue of Inkspired Magazine. Check out their website or instagram for the full article. The first couple sessions of this tattoo lasted 2-3 hours each and we compiled it all into a time-lapse video where it speeds up the course of the video so you can watch everything that goes into the entire process of a tattoo, in just a few short minutes! Check his portfolio out under his artist profile for more awesome work!

The fox or as its known in Japan, the Kitsune holds a lot of different meaning and symbolism. In the Japanese culture the kitsune is also called the servant of Inari, A trickster, but also believed to be a kind, wise, and loving figure. Other cultures believe that the kitsune has the power to remove the evil from their world and provide protection. Some other meanings/symbols of the fox/kitsune are cunning, intelligent, adaptive, focus, and mental strength. In the Native American context, foxes are seen as master survivalists. Many cultures speak of the fox’s ability to shape-shift and adapt to any circumstance, earning it a reputation for being a revered creature of the land.

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