Swarovski Tooth Gems from Mantra Tattoo

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Mantra Tattoo the best tattoo studio in Denver, offer from regular tattoos, tattoo machines, clothing, piercing, dermals and also tooth gems. We are not talking about any gem here; we are talking Swarovski crystals.

Swarovski crystals and Gold Leafs

Helix piercing by Randy M with Neometal Jewelry

Helix piercing by Randy M with @neometaljewelry

Swarovski crystals started as a company during 1892, when Swarovski patented an electric cutting machine that made easy the production of crystal glass. Since then the Swarovski Company has been known around the world by their high standards and impeccable crystals. These crystals are now available at Mantra for you to put that extra sparkle on your smile, but that’s not all. At the best piercing shop in Denver we also have available 14 karat yellow gold leaf to compliment that gem!

If both are too much for you, you can always pick between one or the other. The gem is placed  by gluing it to the chosen tooth; this look will only last for a few months and its pain free. If you are looking for something permanent there will be some drilling involved, a small hole is made in the chosen tooth and then the gem or gold leaf is implanted.

It’s really important to have the proper care around the area and adjustments in the oral hygiene will take place during the first days, Aside from that you should not feel any discomfort and you can go ahead and show your new shinny smile to your friends.

Randy is waiting for you at the coolest piercing shop in Denver, while you wait to get your tooth gem you can take around the shop and may be buy you a treat!

The Best Tooth Gems at the Best Shop in Denver!!

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