Tips to prevent your tattoo from fading too soon

Protect your body art to extend its life

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Just like a great piece of fine art hanging on a museum wall, you’ve invested probably a considerable amount of hard earned money on your own body art. This means that you need to take certain protective measures if you want your artwork to last for many years with all its shining glory.

Tattoos can easily fade without the proper protection. Any ink color will fade away over time no matter what, and you may need to re-touch it at some point, but there are some care tips you can follow to make it last longer.

For a brand new tattoos

Make sure to follow the aftercare instructions given by our tattoo artist! Do not go into hot tubs, swimming pools or lakes during healing process, as they can fade your tattoo and cause infection. New Tattoos peel, itch and can scab, but be careful not to pick or scratch them because you can transfer bacteria from under your fingernails to the tattoo and cause infection and light spots after healing ends. Following these instructions is so important to ensure that the healing process completes uneventfully and your tattoo can live on undamaged.

To maintain your tattoo color for as long as possible

New School design
Original tattoo by Ben Parker

UV rays (UVA and UVB) accelerate color loss, whether they come from the sun or from a tanning bed. Apply sunblock with at least SPF 30 every day on your tattoo, especially during summer or if it is on an area of your body normally exposed to the sun. If you are going for a tanning session, besides applying sunscreen on it, cover it to try to block as much UV as possible.

Moisturize your skin every day –men and women- especially if your skin feels dry and itchy or becomes flaky. This will prevent you to loose bits of skin that could slowly strip the ink out of your tattoo. And also avoid using skin exfoliators over your tattoo at all costs!

If there’s no need to show your tattoo, try to keep it covered for the best color protection. Darker and tightly woven fabrics provide a better armor than light-colored clothing. Consider clothing specially designed with sun-protecting properties.

Get into the habit of keeping your skin healthy by eating right and drinking lots of water to keep your skin elastic and hydrated.

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