Tattoo Placement Series: Chest & Front Panel Tattoos

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A great location to place meaning close to your heart

If you are considering getting a Chest Tattoo, take into consideration that this type of placement is typically used for something important to you, because it is close to your heart. Also, because of its front upper location, the design can also be used to display something you want to make a strong statement of, or something that you are proud of. But as with any other tattoo, the canvas is your own body and you have total freedom to choose what you want and where you want it.

Men Chest tattoo by Geno

Men Chest tattoo by Geno

As for men and chest tattoos, there is something sort of incredible about it when you see a man take off his shirt and display a full chest tattoo! It gives the impression that he’s not someone to mess with, and just as with Lower Back tattoos on women, this type of front bearing tattoo can accentuate masculinity.

But this doesn’t mean that women can´t get a chest tattoo! In fact, with the right custom design, they look great on women too. Usually the design is more delicate, in order to match the curves of the collar bone or breast area.

Front Panel tattoos are like the opposite of Full Back tattoos. They can cover the entire front of the upper body, from the chest to the lower abdomen. Great custom tattoo designs can be made to be placed here.

Men Chest tattoo by Geno

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Chest  on woman tattoo by Geno

Chest on woman tattoo by Geno

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