History of Tattoos: ancient and varied origins

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The tattooing art is one of the oldest human artistic creations

Humans have marked their bodies with tattoos for thousands of years and if you have one, you’re part of a rich cultural history. These permanent designs have served as amulets, status symbols, declarations of love, signs of religious beliefs, adornments and even forms of punishment.

Initially, the earliest evidence of tattoos on actual bodies was from Egyptian female mummies, dating back to 2000 BC. But after the discovery of the Iceman on the Italian-Austrian border in 1991 and his tattoo patterns, the earliest known tattoo date has been pushed back thousand of years further, as it has been carbon-dated at around 5,200 years old!

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When deciding to get a tattoo, it is very important that whatever you are choosing to ink on yourself is something meaningful for you and that it suits the area of your body where you want to place it. You’d want your tattoo to look and feel great for the many years to come, with no regrets.

So in the end, it doesn’t matter if others are not pleased with your tattoo choice, what does matter is to make sure the meaning you are looking for is captured in the design and that the actual inking process is smooth, clean and flawless. The best way to achieve this is to have your tattoo done by a professional and experienced custom tattoo artist, such as the ones we have at Mantra Tattoo!

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