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Hand tattoo by Geno

A highly visible tattoo location

These tattoos are very visible and since the hands are commonly used for greetings, you may want to make your best impression by choosing a meaningful design to place here.

A professional custom-made design can look great on your hand, so make sure to choose an experienced tattoo artist who is comfortable working on this uneven area, given the different skin and bone structures present.

Hand tattoo by Geno

Hand tattoo by Geno

Taking care of your hand tattoo

Before tattooing your hands, you may want to take into consideration that hand tattoos can be significantly more difficult to care for when fresh, and also to maintain them afterwards. This applies especially if you’re a mechanic, a dishwasher or work on anything else that is rough on your hands.

This so happens because your hands and feet are the two parts of your body subject to receive greater amounts of “physical abuse”, under normal everyday circumstances. This makes maintaining the quality of a tattoo in these areas very difficult, and also make for a challenging healing process. But don’t let this maintenance facts turn you down! If you really want a hand tattoo and are prepared to deal with some social reactions that may come across, go for it!

Just keep in mind the advice we always give for any kind of tattoo you choose: treat yourself to a great design and a quality ink job by choosing a professional tattoo artist! And…you can find just the artist you need at Mantra Tattoo in Lakewood!

Chris Yaws, tattoo artist

Chris Yaws, tattoo artist at Mantra

Have your Hand Tattoo designed and inked by a pro at Mantra Tattoo & Body Piercing!


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