Meet Chance Isbell, a culturally conscious artist

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The man for a lifelong symbol full of intrinsic value beautifully placed on your body

Chance Isbell is a tattoo artist at Mantra Tattoo in Lakewood, Colorado.  He is a well-rounded and easy-going guy; who is known to comfort his clients by connecting with their intention, suggesting subtle enhancements, and then drawing up beautiful ideas.

“Only when both sides contribute in the creative process will a personal symbol transmute into a balanced and meaningful image.”

Artistic influences and tattooing style

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Ever since Chance was a kid, he wanted to be an artist. Inspired by the ’60s and ’70s artistic cultural context and by Thomas Asher, Doren Clifford, Eric Inksmith and Mike Wilson, Isbell archived a unique “Culturally Conscious tattooing style.” In other words, if someone comes in with the idea of marking themselves in a socially inappropriate way, he won’t want that weighing on his conscience. He tries to be logical with hateful tattoos or a client making impulsive decisions for shock value.

But, before becoming a professional tattooist, Chance went through rigorous technique training, needle making, cross contamination awareness and general tattoo etiquette.

“One of the many reasons I enjoy what we do as tattooers, you can create great experiences with the craft on a personal level with each other.”

Isbell abilities go from Traditional American tattooing style to a slightly illustrated realism. Because, he was trained and influenced by mostly traditional American tattooers, he tries and upholds the values and pays homage to the many pioneers who paved the way for all the tattooers to be here in the tattoo industry today. Although he feels like he can do most styles of designs justice, he prefers keeping things simple, bold and clean.

“I try and balance illustrative and traditional images and tackle either style to fully appreciate the full spectrum of tattooing, more so to keep a healthy respect for the roots of it all.”

Check his portfolio out under his artist profile to discover his incredible artwork.

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