Titanium Jewelry Available at Mantra Tattoo

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Here at Mantra Tattoo we make sure to provide only the best and highest quality jewelry made up of implant grade titanium metal. To be sure that our clients have no concerns with allergic reactions and can rest assure that their jewelry is safe for their bodies. Come and see one of our seasoned industry professional piercers here at the shop! We have a piercer here every day 12-8pm and walk-ins are welcome! IMG_20141029_145240

Why Titanium?  

One of titanium’s biggest advantages is its strength & durability. While gold or silver jewelry is much softer and could sometimes scratch or break easily from daily wear, titanium is one of the strongest and most durable metals that can be formed into jewelry. Titanium is three times as strong as steel! It can withstand almost any conditions and will last a lifetime. People who work with kids or work in an environment where their jewelry may get snagged, pulled on, or abused have nothing to worry about! Titanium can take the punishment. This metal does not dent, scratch, or lose its shine and it will not corrode or change color from wear over time.

Titanium can be manipulated, bent, and worked to fit anyone’s style. Rare gemstones, CZ crystal, or Synthetic opal stones can be set in titanium jewelry pieces. The shine of smooth titanium metal creates a clean and stylish look unlike gemstones paired with yellow gold or silver. Titanium is also lighter weight than many other metals despite its strength. This light weight makes titanium jewelry more comfortable to wear. Even with embellishments or other gemstones, titanium earrings are gentler on ears, necklaces are lighter around the neck, and rings are almost nonexistent on fingers.

Titanium is hypoallergenic. Meaning even in its most natural form, titanium is biocompatible with almost all types of human skin. This means that almost anyone can wear titanium jewelry without fear of rashes or discolorations as a result. Additionally, many people who suffer from allergic reactions while wearing gold or silver jewelry can wear titanium without any problems. Unlike gold, silver, and other metals, titanium is not mixed with other highly allergic substances that can irritate the skin, such as nickel. Titanium remains at its best when it is most pure, so it suits almost every person’s skin.



Here at Mantra Tattoo we love creating individually customized jewelry to make sure you get a unique piece just for you! Titanium is a refractory metal meaning it can undergo anodization. Using a small machine here at the shop we heat or applying electric currents, the metal releases its oxides and changes its physical color. We are capable of changing the color of your jewelry to almost any color in the spectrum! We can even make the metal multi-color to add a very unique style and look to your jewelry. Our piercers can do custom bends and different color combos complimented by CZs, rare gemstones, or other types of additions. Come check out our huge inventory of fine jewelry!

Get Your Next Piercing at Mantra Tattoo

We accommodate walk-ins. If you are interested in getting your next piercing just stop by the shop for a consultation. Call with any questions or to setup an appointment. Be sure to check our piercers instagrams to see their portfolios! @randy_mantra @highlilchris