Industrial Piercings at Mantra Tattoo

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Mantra is Colorado’s best tattoo & piercing studio. Our piercers are here every day of the week to help with all of your piercing needs. With over 10 years in piercing experience, you can be sure that you are in the hands of a professional. We offer a wide selection of fine jewelry and perform almost any piercing that you could imagine including industrial piercings. Our piercers can fully customize your jewelry to make it unique to you! Stop by today and check out all we have to offer here at Mantra Tattoo. img_0323



The industrial piercing is one of the most unique piercings you can do. Every persons ear anatomy is different, with the natural curves and ridges of your ear sometimes the jewelry needs to be customized to fit properly. The options for this are unlimited. If you think you have a weird ear that might not work for this particular piercing dont worry, we can help! Our piercers can design and put together a piece of jewelry for any type of ear. With custom bends or different ways of attaching the bars we can make almost any angle work for the shape of your ear. We can also add opals, stones, gems, and other tops to the ends or in the center as connecting pieces or captive beads to create a truly unique piece of jewelry specifically for you! All our jewelry is surgical grade titanium so you have nothing to worry about regarding allergic reactions to the jewelry. We use only the highest quality jewelry from the best companies in the industry.


We accommodate walk-ins. If you are interested in getting your piercing started just stop by the shop. Call with any questions or to setup a consultation and appointment. Be sure to keep up on our social media pages and stay up to date on everything that is happening at Mantra Tattoo! @mantratattoo @highlilchris

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