The Best Tips to Shorten Your Tattoo’s Healing Time

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Tattoo Healing Tricks

The healing time of your tattoo varies according to your body’s particularities, the size of the tattoo, among other factors. Usually, it takes from two to three weeks for the upper part of the skin to be completely healed. However, there are some things you can do (or avoid) to ensure it heals as well and as quickly as possible.

Never Pull Off Premature Scabs or Skin

No matter how tempting it is or how much it itches, you may not want to pick the scabs or the pieces of peeling the skin off. This will only damage your tattoo. If you do so, it will inevitably delay the healing process, as you are pulling ink away from the tattooed area resulting in pits and colorless spots on your skin. Ultimately, it will need extra touch-ups. Just let scabs and peeling skin fall naturally, and everything will go as planned.

Use Aftercare Products

These products will keep your skin nourished with moisture which will speed up the tattoo healing. Thou you should avoid applying too many lotions, ointment, or creme as it will do completely the opposite. Remember that your tattoo needs to ‘’breathe’’, so make sure you apply less than one inch of the product of your choice.

Do Not Submerge Your Tattoo in WaterTattoo Healing Tricks

This could be one of the more harmful things you can do to your beautiful piece of art. For the first three to four weeks, excess water is prohibited. This means no swimming in bodies of water such as pools, the ocean, lakes, and even your bathtub. Showering is ok as long as you do not place your tattoo directly in the fire-line of the shower-head.

Use Sunblock Creme

This is paramount to your tattoo’s successful healing. Nothing is more harmful than the powerful UV rays from the sun. Any sun exposure for more than two minutes can cause skin irritation and burns, especially when the tattoo is fresh. Always protect your tattoo with sunblock when going out, even if it is just for a few minutes.

In sum, your actions will impact the speed of your tattoo healing process. By following the aftercare recommendations from your tattoo artist, it will heal hassles-free. If you have any doubt or want to learn more about tattoo aftercare, visit our blog section.

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