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The Difference Between Coil and Rotary Tattoo Machines

When it comes to decorating your body with colors, tattooists have two options: Coil Machine and Rotary Machine. The difference between these devices lays in the way the needles are moved.

Before these amazing machines where invented tattoos were done by hand!

Rotary Tattoo Machine

A rotary machine is the original tattoo machine technology. Powered by a regulated motor it allows the tattooer to produce clean, crisp lines as well as beautiful, smooth shading with the same machine. This device operates on a direct mechanism where electricity moves the needles up and down extremely fast. Contrary to a coil machine is does not produce noise while operating. Here is what a rotary machine has to offer:

  • Lightweight and small size make them comfortable to handle
  • Less hand and finger cramping
  • Does not make noise while the artist is working
  • Can be used as either a liner or a shader
  • Minimal adjustments needed

Coil Tattoo Machine

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This type of tattoo machine uses two electromagnetic coils. The coils of wire go around iron rods to create a magnetic current when electricity passes through the rods. This constant flow of electricity generates a buzzing noise, which may be a bit upsetting to some first-time clients. Plus, because of those components, the machine is heavier than its counterpart. Consequently, the artists’ arms and hands may become very tired by the end of a long day of tattooing. Another aspect of the coil version is that it does not allow the artist to do lines and shades with the same machine. However, many tattoo artists prefer coil machines because:

  • They are readily available and relatively inexpensive
  • Easy to regulate speed and power
  • Easy to customize and interchange parts
  • Faster completion time
  • Heavier weight allows a little more control

Regardless the machine of preference, professionals from Mantra Tattoo will do an excellent job. They use only high-quality inks and custom tattoo machines. Trust our experienced tattoo artists to get tattooed in Colorado.

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