Want to Get an Ear Stretching in Colorado?

Things You Need to Know Before Stretching Your Ear Lobes

Ear stretching or ear gauging refers to the process of stretching the pierced hole in your lobe to the desired size to accommodate the increasingly large size of jewels, plugs, expanders, or tunnels.

There are different ways to stretch earlobes and gauging isn’t something that will happen overnight. Experts recommend doing it gradually and carefully. Generally, it is best to wait at least 6 weeks in between stretches and only increase the hole in one-millimeter increments. If you do it properly, stretching will leave a piercing elastic and healthy.

What You Need to Progressively Increase Your Holes


The plugs are items for the expansion and they allow constant dilatation for a defined gauge. They can be made of various materials like titanium, surgical steel, acrylic or silicone. Choose those ones which fit your unique look!


Ear expanders are used to gradually increase the hole size in pierced ears. They are available in a great range of sizes, colors, materials and awesome styles.


If you love the Tunnel for the lobes you can dare 60 millimeters!

All these body piercing products are fabricated in such a way that they are light, to avoid inappropriate enlargement. There are tons of options to express your creativity. And, as with any other body piercing, proper hygiene is essential.

Get a Professional Piercer Involved with Stretching

Incorrect stretching can lead to bleeding, tears, infection and potential scarring which may negatively affect the stretching process and make it more painful. Stretching done right will lead to an elastic and healthy piercing. That is why it is best to get a professional piercer involved with stretching process.

You can rely on Mantra Tattoo & Piercing experts to get your new ear stretching in Colorado. Schedule an appointment with Claire or Little Chris here.

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