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Tips to Get a Text Tattoo Right

When you get a new tattoo, the last thing you want is to give a wrong message. A misspelled word or poor translations in case of a foreign language can often be funny or even disastrous. Here are some tips from tattoo experts that will help you get a text tattoo you won’t regret.


Before tattooing any word, phrase, quote, poem or other types of text, make sure the spelling is perfect. Capitalize any words and pay attention to punctuation, especially when tattooing something in a foreign language or a symbol.



Your tattoo parlor probably doesn’t speak Hebrew or Hindi. So, it is your job to quadruple-check the spelling and meaning before you commit to it for life. And of course, don’t get a tattoo that you don’t understand!

Placementcolorado tattoo experts

Aging and weight changes make your body shift and change its shape. Therefore, it is very important to place your word or phrase tattoo somewhere safe like inner wrists and ankles. These spots are less affected by weight fluctuations or the effects of gravity.

Tattoo Size

To make the most out of your text tattoos, try to go for a sizing that will make it visible and readable from at least ten inches away. Plus, bigger letters will better survive the path of time and skin changes.

Find a Professional Tattoo Artist

Text tattoos are very different from other tattoo styles. It is worth the shot to find an experienced artist that specializes in this form of body art. Skill level is paramount for quality tattoos, but lettering and font tattoos demand attention to detail. At Mantra Tattoo and Piercing, we have a team of talented tattoo artists that can get your text tattoo right. Check out their portfolios to get inspired.

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