Piercing Care Tips for Athletes

How to Take Care of Your Piercing If You Are A Sportsperson

With summer sports season approaching, many people are thinking about getting a body piercing. However, you should know that a recently pierced body must not be immersed in water at all, so you need to stay away from swim training or any other sport where water is involved, no matter where the piercing is located. Also, some piercings require a sports and fitness break of several weeks. So, it is best to get it off-season or when your fitness program allows for a break. If you have made up your mind to get a new piercing, here are some tips for you to think about for body art as an athlete.

Aftercare Best Practices

This is the top priority for every person who acquires a body piercing. No matter where you get it, your piercer will let you know about the best aftercare practices. A professional will let you know how long you must keep the original jewelry in and the approximate healing time.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

Regardless the sport you play, sweating and body cladding with the dirt and mud is part the game. Plus, your piercing is exposed to bacteria from others while sharing equipment or in physical contact with other players. Therefore, cleaning your jewelry and piercing area with saline water should be a top priority.

Removing the Jewelry Before a Sporting Eventpiercing aftercare

If your body piercing is completely healed we recommend taking it off before the event begins, therefore saving jewelry from snagging with clothing or sporting equipment. Plus, it also prevents body piercing-related accidents.


Thinking about covering your jewelry with tape during a match? Even though you may consider that this helps your jewelry not get tangled with clothing, taping is not recommended. The adhesive part can make your new wound worse. Rather than taping, use bandages to cover it up.

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