All You Need to Know About Eyebrow Piercings

Give an Edgy Touch to Your Personality with an Eyebrow Piercing

The first and most important thing when getting an eyebrow piercing is visiting a professional in the field. Do-It-Yourself is never an option. If you attempt to pierce your brow, the chances of infection and rejection increase. An expert piercer carries the correct equipment to get the job done at the ideal depth. Plus, normally, professionals work at a reputable piercing shop which will ensure you receive the service under the safest standards possible.

Once you have chosen a piercing shop in Colorado, you are ready to get an edgy touch to your personality. Here are your options:

Cool Variations of Brow Piercingstypes of eyebrow piercings

When you have made up your mind to get your eyebrow pierced there are several types of piercings for you to choose.

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • Multiple
  • Bridge
  • Anti-eyebrow

Eyebrow Piercing Aftercare Tips

Once you get your brow pierced, the aftercare process must begin. At the shop, your piercer will give you a spray. And, just like any other piercing, you most likely have to wash it regularly with that product. To help the piercing hole (fistula) stay bacteria-free, you should do a saline wash. Use 1/4 tsp. of sea salt and 1 cup of warm bottled water to create the saline solution. Don’t forget to wash your hands before touching the piercing. It takes around 6 weeks for this type of piercing to heal.

Usually, you will get clear lymph. This is a substance your body naturally excretes when the healing wound drys to a whitish crust. Even if tempting, never twist, turn or slide your jewelry to break up the crust as you can push bacteria into the healing hole, leading to infection.

Overall, you should avoid touching your new piercing as much as possible and never use soap to clean it as it can cause dryness, delaying the healing process.

Get your eyebrow safely pierced by Mantra Tattoo & Piercing experts. We have two professional piercers in our shop in Colorado: Claire and Little Chris. Check out their piercing portfolio.

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