Tattoo Placement Series: Back Tattoos

A great location for a great custom tattoo design

When choosing to get a tattoo done, it is very important that whatever you are inking on yourself is something meaningful for you. You’d want it to look and feel great. Sometimes people get a tattoo to make a statement, or to remember something they have overcome. Anyway, whatever the reason behind your tattoo, one way to make sure the meaning is captured in the design is to have it done by a professional custom tattoo artist.

The location is also important to consider. Your back is a great big canvas where you can have anything tattooed on. There are Full Back, Upper and Lower Back tattoos.

Upper back tattoo by Chris Yaws
Upper back tattoo by Chris Yaws

Upper back tattoos are very fashionable and they simply look great. It is a location suitable for both men and women. Meaning and customization on the design will ensure you get a tattoo you’ll like for the rest of your life and that it looks amazing when displayed, considering this is a place easily seen by others when not wearing a shirt (men) or wearing a bathing suit, tank tops or open back dresses (women).

Lower back tattoo by Chris Yaws
Lower back tattoo by Chris Yaws

Lower back tattoos look very sexy on women, and they are considered a feminine type of tattoo. Tribal designs are a very popular choice for this location, but as with any other tattoo on your body, you can get your own custom tattoo.

Horror tattoo
Full back tattoo by Ben Gun

Full back tattoos are huge tattoos covering your entire back. These definitely require a custom design where you can go crazy with imagination, and here at Mantra Tattoo we have great amazing artists that can pull the task, just check the photo gallery below for some of our work.

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