Mike O’Farrell Octopus Sleeve Tattoo Time-Lapse (Part-1)

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Take a look at part-1 of this Octopus sleeve tattoo done by Michael O’Farrel here at Mantra tattoo in Lakewood, Colorado. The first session of this tattoo lasted about two hours and we compiled it all into a time-lapse. There is a lot that goes into the entire process of a tattoo, check out the video to see it all in just a few short minutes! Mike enjoys doing colorful work in traditional and neo-traditional styles. Check his portfolio out under his artist profile for more awesome work!

An octopus symbolizes complexity, diversity, mystery, vision, intelligence, illusion, variability, insight, and adaptiveness. In ancient mythology the number 8 is used as a major significance in a lot of stories, in some cultures it is believed that 8 legged animals such as spiders and octopus are one of the few survivors of those times. These stories are where the octopus’s mystical appearance came from. The real octopus meaning comes from its ability to grow back limbs. Much like humans octopus adapt to the conditions they are in. If they are in a tough situation then octopus will use their brain and respond intelligently much like a human would. The moral of the story? That much like octopus humans can learn to disengage in their life that are not needed anymore. Bad habits and addictions can all be changed. Hence the reason why they translate into amazing tattoos that hold a lot of meaning.

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