Tons of possibilities at Mantra Tattoo!!

japanese style
Japanese dragon tattoo by Ben Parker

When in Denver you have to make a stop at the best tattoo shop in town, Mantra Tattoo.  Super well rounded, Mantra is not only a tattoo studio but also an art gallery where you can find small treasures in every corner. From the very first glance you can see all the rad colors from the art and decoration. Not only you can rejoice your vision with it, but also you can find high end jewelry, hats, clothing, and obviously the best tattoo and piercing artists in Denver.

Mantra Tattoo Shop has been placed four years in a row among the Best Tattoo and Piercing Shops by Mantra will become your place to get ink over and over again!

body jewelry
Tawapa Gem Stone plugs

If you are not into tattoos and you wish something more discrete but still kind of edgy, then a dermal or just a regular piercing can be an option for you. APP members and certified piercing artists, Randy and Lil Chris are ready to add that little of edginess to your look.

Mantra Tattoo Shop has a variety of tattoo artists, each with a spectacular set of skills that will help you accomplish that much desired piece. Either if it’s something small or a big, Ben Gun, Geno, Ben Parker, Chris Yalls, Jen, Kidd, Mike O and Brian are ready to get that ink going!

The best Tattoo shop in Denver is waiting for you! Come check us out!

We are proud here at Mantra Tattoos of the quality products we offer. Our tattoo and piercing artists can assure you wont be disappointed. We are the best premiere full service tattoo shop providing professional clean custom tattoos, piercings, and a large variety of jewelry and clothing. Open seven days of the week, we are just waiting for your visit.

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