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Timothy Kidd Tattoo Machines_12Not only does the artist need to have talent, but he also needs the right tools. Could Picasso or Leonardo Da Vinci create their master pieces without the right tools? Most likely yes, but that doesn’t mean their life’s would have been much easier with the right tools. Here at Mantra Tattoo we believe that to be a fact and for that reason we offer something that most tattoo shops don’t. If you are a legitimate professional tattoo artist, you know that you need a great tool to create an amazing tattoo. A tool that will be with you through good and bad, summer through winter. A tool that you can display proudly and say “This is my brush, with this machine I create art”, for all tattoo artists create art. With their machines and ink, they bring forward our imagination and our dreams. A tattoo artist will provide it’s client that which he has be longing for. With his art he can heal old wounds and give tribute, he can even give us guards for bad times. We already have the best tattoo artists in Denver, but we believe that the tattoo artists needs to spread out far and wide.


Timothy Kidd Tattoo Machines_18The future awaits you…

At no time in modern society have tattoos been so openly accepted, and we need to keep the acceptance rolling. There is barely no profession nowadays that discriminate against their employees being tattooed. It doesn’t matter if you are a lawyer or a chef, a policeman or a politic, go right ahead and get some ink in you. The culinary world has really embraced this and now you see top chefs around the world with their arms and even their necks fully tattooed.  It is refreshing to see how the world is accepting this exciting art style and how old taboos are being brought down. Upcoming artists as well as seasoned veterans will find the best tattoo machines for their needs at our shop.

Don’t waste you time looking for the best, we go it here!!

At Mantra Tattoo you will find everything you need to get the tattoo you always wanted. Whether you’re looking to get a giant back piece or something small and special behind your ear, our artists are thrilled to help you get the tattoo you want. Opened seven days a week, Mantra is your Denver connection for tattoos, piercings, clothing and even custom tattoo machines.

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