Tattoo Trends: Pet Portraiture

A Creative Way to Honor Your Pet

A new trend is growing among people who want to immortalize their pets on their skin. This type of tattoo is a preferred choice to honor a current pet and represent an excellent tribute to beloved childhood pets. Whether it is your dog or your cat that you want to remember with custom skin art, here are some tips for getting a pet portrait.

A Few Pet Tattoo Tips

If you are thinking of getting a pet tattoo, check out the tattoo artists that specialize in portraiture or realistic tattoo style. At Mantra we would recommend (Mike O’Farrel). Make an appointment and check out the tattooist’s portfolio. Almost every shop keeps a book of photos or a portfolio section on their website featuring their best work. Take your time and find a professional in the field whose style matches your ideas. The goal of the tattoo parlor is to capture not only the likeness but the spirit of your beloved friend. Once you have found an artist, select a favorite photo of your pet, a good photo is crucial to complete a good portrait! Your next step is to schedule an appointment.

Don’t forget to follow the artist’s instructions for after-care to prevent infection and help to ensure proper healing of the tattoo. If all goes well, you’ll have a beautiful tribute to your pet that will last a lifetime.

Get a Pet Portrait Done by The Best

If you are considering getting a pet tribute tattoo will need a professional tattoo artist to make an incredible tattoo.

The artists here at Mantra Tattoo will work with you to create something to your liking that is 100% original. Whether it be a pet that has passed away or a pet that is still with you, we are happy to help. Take a look at our artist section to find the right artist for you.

Come to Mantra Tattoo Shop in Lakewood, Colorado, and honor your pet by getting a pet portrait done by our experienced tattooists.

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