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The Best Shop In Denver That Has it All Under One Roof

A piercing is a cool and quick body modification you can get in Denver without planning too much, unlike a tattoo. Depending on the placement, a piercing can be a sharp fast stroke and somewhat of an easy healing. Getting pierced by professional artists does make a big difference. That is why we encourage you to come to the best piercing shop in the Denver: Mantra Tattoo!  Our piercing artists are top of the line and we offer amazing jewelry pieces for everyone’s taste. Check out our Piercing Artists and Body Jewelry in Denver.

Piercing Artists in Denver

Professional Piercer Lil Chris
Lil’ Chris Piercing at Mantra

Chirs and Claire are our two certified industry professionals that can handle any and all standard piercings, and dermals. For anything above and beyond the scope of what is considered standard i.e. genitals, scarification, or any other body mods please call or stop by the shop!!!

Check out Chris’ work here.

Get inspired by Claire’s job here.

Expert piercer Claire Celeste
Claire Celeste Piercing at Mantra

If you are interested in getting a piercing please call us at 303.239.8282, or stop by any day from 11am-9pm!

Top Quality Body Jewelry

To us, the high quality of our piercing jewelry is essential and that is why we offer the best body jewelry brands:

Custom body jewelry
Rose gold & London Blue Topaz set
  • Anatometal
  • Body Vision Los Angeles
  • Industrial Strength
  • Neo Metal
  • Maya
  • Oracle

Piercing Styles

  • Navel
  • Ear / Nostril / Lip
  • Plugs/Tunnels
  • Septum
  • Dermal

If you are not sure what’s the best size and jewelry material for your new body piercing, worry not! Our expert piercers will help you to choose the correct body jewelry characteristics.get pierced by a professional body piercer in DenverCome to Mantra Tattoo for Your Next Piercing

Visit our shop in Lakewood, CO, to pick out a beautiful piece of body jewelry and get pierced by a professional body piercer in Denver. We use only medical grade sterilization and always new needles on every tattoo and piercing. Our shop is fully inspected and regulated by the Jefferson County Health Department.

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