Change Your Look in Spring with a Body Piercing

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Body Jewelry & Piercings for Spring

Warm days are here!  With one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, many people bust out of all their winter clothes, put on tank tops and flip flops so they can start showing their skin and all of the custom new tattoos or body piercings they have collected this winter. If you haven’t got a piercing yet, here are some ideas to change your look in Spring with an amazing body piercing.belly button piercings

Belly Button Piercing

A belly button around the navel area will certainly spruce up your style in spring. What is sexier than a toned stomach highlighted by a belly button piercing?


Ear PiercingEar Piercings

Ear studs, ear barbells, ear cuffs, ear chains and multi gemmed ear jewelry, all can be customized so you can express yourself. Options are limitless. From traditional earlobe piercings to cartilage piercings, will spruce up your game in Spring.

Lip Piercing

Lip PiercingThere is a wide variety of lip jewelry you can choose from to compliment your face. You can place a beautiful lip piercing at the upper or lower lip. And, the best part is that it heals significantly faster than any other type of piercing.

Nose Ring

Whether it is a nostril piercing, on the side, or a septum piercing, through the center, both piercings are a modern fashion statement.Nose Piercing

Spring into style with these amazing body ornament ideas and get your new piercing at Mantra Tattoo & Piercing in Denver, Colorado.

Customize Your Body with The Best Jewelry in Denver

Whether it is a sexy belly button or a powerful nose ring, body piercings are sometimes chosen to express individuality and body enhancement. To achieve better results, you need beautiful and quality body jewelry. At Mantra Tattoo we carry the best body jewelry brands that include Anatometal, B.V.L.A., Industrial Strengthen, MAYA, Neometal, TAWAPA, and Oracle Body Jewelry. Plus, we have the best piercers in Denver. Call us today at 303.239.8282 or 303.238.3736.get a piercing in DenverWait no more, change your look in Spring with a body piercing from Mantra Tattoo!