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The Amazing Meanings of Bird Tattoos

In general, a bird tattoo symbolizes freedom and a sense of being uninhibited, nobility, spiritual guidance and protection, motherhood and family, beauty and elegance, love and peace, knowledge and a keen intellect, just to mention a few. However, each type of bird carries with it a unique meaning. Let’s take a look at the different meanings associated with the most common birds preferred by tattoo enthusiasts.

Cardinal Bird Tattoo


These little friends are associated with happiness and joy. Because of its red feathers, they are also a symbol of life and energy. Cardinals are territorial birds, and unlike other birds, they stay in winter and sing beautiful songs. That is why they are also a great tattoo choice to show pride in your territory and your family.

Dove Bird Tattoo


Doves represent hope, peace, prosperity, and purity. They hold a special place for those who want a tattoo as a memory of a person who has passed away and be borne as a symbol of the afterlife. Or, you can add a flag of a Country to symbolize world peace.


Eagle Tatttoos

Power, pride, and commitment are some of the principal meanings of eagle tattoos. Also, it is the number one bird of choice to represent American patriotism.


Owls have different personalities, they can represent death and the misfortune. However, they are also a symbol of wisdom, mystery, and truth. Which one are you?Owl Bird Tattoo

Stay tuned to learn more about tattoos and its meanings.

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