What are the Safe Metals for New Body Piercings?

Best Metals to Avoid Body Piercing Allergies

Choosing the right metal can be determinant in the experience you have with a body piercing. Some types of metals are safe for new body piercings while others for well-established piercings or short-term use. Of course, good aftercare practices are critical, but the type of metal in the piercing jewelry plays a vital role. With that being said, here are the best materials for a new body piercing.

Surgical Stainless Steel (SSS)SSS piercing

The 316L or 316LVM are the grades of stainless steel used for body jewelry. However, surgical stainless-steel piercings contain enough nickel to cause problems for someone who has little tolerance to nickel. If you are wearing an SSS piercing and start experiencing irritation or your new piercing won’t heal, remove it immediately. Try niobium or titanium piercings instead.


It’s a little heavier than SSS and also stronger. Costlier than SSS but less expensive than Titanium.


Safe Metals for New Body PiercingsThis material is extremely lightweight and very strong. It also contains minimal amounts of nickel. If you are extremely sensitive to nickel-containing metals and can’t wear anything else, this is the way to go. Just keep in mind that this the most expensive body piercing option.

You should definitively stay away from sterling silver, nickel or copper in a piercing. And, by all means, avoid cheap body jewelry sold by novelty shops and costume jewelry shops. These items rarely hold to a higher standard and can be potentially harmful.

best brands of body piercing jewelryNote that if you know that you are sensitive to certain metals, be sure to select one that won’t interfere with your piercing healing process. Otherwise, if during the healing you notice any irritation, redness, or swelling, take it off immediately and switch to another metal.

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