Achieve a Catchy Smile with Teeth Piercings

What You Need to Know About Dental Piercings

As the term says, a dental or tooth piercing is placed on one or more dental pieces. These piercings add decoration to your teeth and make your smile catchier. No drilling is involved. The jewelry is embedded in the front teeth.

Contrary to all types of piercings, teeth piercings do not hurt that much! But, before getting your teeth pierced, do your homework!

The Artist

Find a professional piercer in Colorado so it can be done properly, preventing it from falling off and swallowing it!

type of piercings


Before going into the piercing shop, clean your mouth thoroughly using anti-bacterial. Also, aftercare is paramount for a successful tooth piercing experience.

The Jewelry

Go smart with the jewelry you choose. Speak to the piercing artist to determine the best body piercing material and shape for you. Only use high-quality products, otherwise, you risk getting an infection.

Things to Avoid

  • Sharp jewelry
  • Touching or playing with the jewelry
  • Sticky food, spicy foods or other hard meals
  • No eating within the first hour of getting your tooth piercing
  • Excessive brushing, including washing your teeth with an electric toothbrush for 24 hours

Where to Get a Custom Tooth Piercing in Colorado?

Mantra Tattoo & Piercing is Colorado’s best shop in the area, to get a piercing done right. We provide professional clean custom piercings and a large variety of quality jewelry. Some of the body piercing jewelry brands we carry include Anatometal, Body Vision Los Angeles, Industrial Strength (I.S.), Maya Jewelry, Neo Metal, and TAWAPA.

Remember that any type of piercing should only be done by a professional and experienced body piercer, and here at Mantra Tattoo & Piercing, we have two of them: Claire & Lil’ Chris!

For more information about teeth piercings call us at 303.239.8282 and 303.238.3736 or schedule an appointment here.

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