Dreamcatcher Tattoos in Colorado

What Do Dreamcatcher Tattoos Mean?

Basically, these amazing symbols represent safety and protection,  perfect for those who want protection from bad dreams and negative forces, allowing good forces to reach them. Those who want to show respect for the Native American culture also get this symbol tattooed.

Perfect body parts to get a large dreamcatcher tattoo includes the arms, back, chest and, the ribs.

Design Variations for Dreamcatcher Tattoos

There are several elements that can be incorporated into a dreamcatcher design. From arrowheads, beads, and the traditional feathers to stones, crystals, and jewelry. They can be woven into the web center inside a hoop or attached to the strings at the start or the end. Here are more ideas that can be added to the dreamcatcher tattoo design:


Important spirit animals such as bears, bison, hawks, horses, and huskies. Also, many people like to include eagles to represent strength.

Designs into The Web

Custom Dreamcatcher Tattoo

A bear paw print, face, heart, or a landscape can be tattooed in the center of the loop. Also, negative spirits that you want to push away can be added to reflect your particular desire protection.


The webbed hoop doesn’t necessarily have to be round or tear-shaped. You can choose other shapes like that of a flower, heart, moon, star, tear-drip or a yin-yang shape.

Find a reputable tattoo artist to customize your dreamcatcher tattoo.

Are You Planning to Get A Custom Dreamcatcher Tattoo?

Come to Mantra Tattoo & Piercing Shop in Lakewood, Colorado. We have a team of amazing tattoo artists that can help you get the design to suit your personality and individuality. Whether it is a full-color large dreamcatcher tattoo or a black design, our tattooers have vast experience in making different tattoo styles. Check their tattoo portfolio to get inspired.

Start catching some good dreams today!

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