Want to Get a Nose Piercing this Summer?

Four Main Types of Nose Piercings

You can spruce up your summer game by getting a new piercing at Mantra Tattoo & Piercing in Colorado. A nose piercing is one of the best ways of getting a cooler look for the hottest days of the year. This type of piercing can go through the cartilage or skin. Here are the four main types of nose ornaments you can choose.


Also known as ‘’Earl’’ or ‘‘Erl’’, it is a very popular surface piercing. Bear in mind that it is very susceptible to migration. This happens naturally when your body is rejecting the foreign object. To reduce the chances of your piercing being pushed out completely, opt for a curved barbell for your jewelry and stay away from the straight barbells.


This piercing is placed into the nostril and it can be inserted on the left or right side. You can wear almost any style of jewelry with this piercing, including circular barbells, hoops, nostril screws, and studs, just to mention a few.

You can also opt for a high nostril piercing which is done above the crease. In this case, you are limited to only using studs or L-shaped pins.body piercing


This piercing is placed between your nostrils in the skin you have at the bottom of your nose right before the cartilage begins. A septum piercing can make you either look tough or accentuate a beautiful face.

Vertical Tip Piercings

It gets its name from the fact that it runs vertically through your skin, which is why it is also called rhino piercing. Getting it from above the tip of the nose to just under the tip of the nose, gives you a unique look.

Regardless of the piercing type you select, make sure to find a reputable body piercing in Colorado. Visit Mantra Tattoo in Colorado, we have Chris and Claire who have been piercing for years. We also carry the best brands of body piercing jewelry in the area.

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